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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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perkins with more on the forecast. hopefully the sun will make it feel warmer, tony? >> we'll try. it will feel warmer than it is now, that's for sure. good morning, everybody. let's show you the current conditions reported at reagan national, the official reporting station. 27 degrees right now. relative humidity 46%. the winds part of the problem. they're not particularly strong but enough to give us a windchill in the low 20s. winds are blowing at 6 miles per hour out of the northwest. barometric pressure has been on the rise. here is a look at the satellite radar. we are precipitation-free and shall be for today. we'll see a good amount of sunshine. a few cloud this is morning and clouds during the course of the day but we'll see plenty of sunshine. the snow remains to the north and west. so the forecast for today looks like this: mostly sunny, still breezy and cold with a high temperature about 10 degrees below normal with a high around 33 degrees today with gusty winds. we'll have more details on the
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forecast coming up in just a little bit. allison, back to you. we're following breaking news in frederick this morning. police are asking people to steer clear of the area around ballinger creek pike and mountville road. it's been shut down between mountville and dobbs road. there is an investigation going on there and we'll share more details as we get them into the news room. let's get the latest on the other areas from julie wright. good morning. >> good morning to you, allison. we're starting off busy s. we had some accident activity to discuss and water main break tieing up your commute travel ago long macarthur at golds beau. the intersection is blocked off with only one lane squeezing by to the right. and that's due to the water main break. lanes are open if you are traveling along irving street. we have more lanes open. this is where we had the crash involving the over turned vehicle. still the rollback on the scene
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but traffic is able to get by in each direction. so much-improved there. no incidents to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely. you'll find lanes are open out on 66 as you travel in from gainesville. outer loop slow past georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. what we cannot do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. >> president obama speaking to the nation. asking them to honor the victims of saturday's shooting rampage by becoming better people. the president, back in washington overnight, after attending the memorial service in tucson. as sarah simmons reports, the president was able to share knews that brought the -- news that brought the crowd to its feet last night. >> reporter: it may have felt like a rally then a memorial service, but for the president there was good news to share. he had visited congresswoman gabrielle giffords in the hospital room where her husband
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has kept vigil and a short time later when giffords was surrounded by friends from congress, it happened. >> gabby opened her eyes for the first time [ cheering and applause ] >> green bay -- gabby opens her eyes for the first time. >> reporter: six were killed and many wounded are still hospitalized but gifford's struggle against the odds, surviving a gunshot wound to the head, has become a rallying point, a sign of hope as the nation struggles to understand what drove the alleged gunman, 22-year-old jared loughner. >> and if, as has been discussed in recent days, their death helps usher in more civility in our public discourse, let us remember it is not because of a simple act of civility caused this tragedy. it did not. >> that was a sentiment that surprised many who wondered
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whether the president would address accusations that loughner was motivated by political conservative measurements, an argument he rejected. and he mentioned each victim, including the youngest, 9-year- old christina taylor green. >> if there are rain puddles in heaven, christina is jumping in them today. >> that was sarah simmons reporting. those in the hospital room with the congresswoman said yesterday she was also able to raise her left arm. >> honors of service a distinguished member of this house. also on the hill the house of representatives adopted a resolution honoring the victims of the shooting. one by one democrats and republicans took turns speaking bluntly on what the left few days meant to them. house members gathered for a memorial prayer service for the victims. now the latest in the case against the suspect gerald loughner. a judge from san diego has been
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appointed to hear the case. the decision to name judge larry burns to the case after the arizona judge recused themself. judge roll was concerned. there was concern about impartiality because of that connection. our coverage continues. look for links on the home page. another homicide investigation in prince george's county. since the new year 13 people have been killed. as wisdom martin reports now, a body found back on january 7th in a field has become a murder investigation. >> reporter: prince george's county 12th homicide happened at this home in new carrollton. >> the owner was trying to defend himself from an intruder. initially it looks like the person who was killed had broken through the front window of the front door and was trying to get in the front door when he was shot.
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>> reporter: earlier on tuesday university of maryland student 22-year-old justin overcash was shot and killed in a house he was renting. investigators say the 11th homicide victim was involved in a marijuana distribution operation. >> there is a lot of college kids that live around here so it's scary. >> reporter: scary enough for some people like juan guzman to leave the county. he plans to drive to college park every day for classes. >> we decided to just move with our parents in rockville and stay there for the time being until the police resolve this issue. >> reporter: this spike in homicides at the start of the new year that's led police to transfer 18 officers into the criminal investigations division to deal with the cases. >> we've got all hands on deck on this. we're not only -- we not only have all of our officers from special units, we're getting help from the atf, from the fbi, from the dea and maryland state police. they're all contributed resources as well. we're going at this from all
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angles. >> reporter: will campos is on the public safety committee. on monday night a man was walking near a food warehouse and was stabbed to death. >> all of our jurisdictions have experienced a spike at one point or another. nobody says don't go to d.c. any more. you concentrate on that situation and hopefully alleviate it and then move on. >> much more ahead this morning on this recent west virginia of violence in prince george's county. coming up after 7:30 we'll talk in studio with county councilman will campo. william lock ridge worked on the board of education and spent two decades in public service in ward 7 and 8. in a statement mayor vincent gray said we'll miss mr. lock ridge and his love for the district of columbia. he died yesterday from respiratory failure at the age of 63. 7 minutes now after the
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hour. it's 27 degrees. ahead on fox 5 morning news, governor bob mcdonnell delivers his state of the commonwealth address and we'll run down his top priorities. plus maryland lawmakers head back to the state house. and the road conditions, as you look at 395 right now. we'll check in with tony and julie coming up next. ea
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our friends to the north are digging out of the latest wicked weather. they are cleared the street in the wake of the possible debacle last month. in all about 9 inches fell in central park. there are still delays at the local airports as airlines try to make up the backlog of cancellations. logan improving service as weather conditions improve. but worcester still closed. it dumped 6 inches on cape cod
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to 30 inches in the western part of the state. mass power outages are a problem. the massachusetts governor declared a state of emergency and mobilized the national guard yesterday. it's 11 minutes past the hour and we'll check in with tony again. and the sun is coming up. that's a pretty shot there. >> a big difference from 20 minutes ago. a much brighter. sunrise this morning officially at 7:26 but we're getting the leading edge of the sunshine coming in now. not a bad start to the day. but it is cold and breezy. winds have been gusting -- i just looked it up a moment ago -- over 20 miles per hour. so let's show you what is happening with the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning. it will be cold, folks. temperatures generally in the mid-20s, partly cloudy, a cold start to the day. there is your sunrise like i said. and with the winds blowing around, it feels like it's around 20 degrees right now in washington. here is your temperatures
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across the region. updated temperatures. we're still at 27 degrees in washington. 24 in baltimore. 24 at dulles, airport. winchester, virginia is at 25 degrees. and ocean city, maryland, is 26 degrees. satellite radar composite for the eastern u.s. a couple of clouds out there but it makes for a nice sunrise. things look good. precipitation off to the north and west will not impact us today and there are no advisories in effect for our area today. it will be a breezy day. it will be quite cold and feel like it's in the 20s for much of the day. satellite radar doesn't pick up the winds but they could gust up to about 30 miles per hour at times. so your forecast looks like this: mostly sunny and breezy, high about 33. tomorrow more of the same. not quite as breezy and maybe some flurries tomorrow. nothing significant, just passing flurries. saturday and sunday highs around 40 degrees. on monday for martin luther king, skies look mostly cloudy with a high around 39 degrees. our next real shot at
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precipitation is next tuesday, maybe tuesday night. and it will be rain, the way it looks right now. >> temperatures are better at the end of -- 39 and 40. >> today will be colder than yesterday but we'll be around 40 for the weekend. still below normal but better. >> tony, thanks. >> something to look forward to. let's check in with julie. >> a lot going on along the southbound trip of 16th street. we'll show you the camera in a accident. activity cleared off of 270. let me take you to the roadways. traveling southbound at 28 we had a truck that lost part of load. the activity cleared from the road. lanes are open southbound out of rockville and continue to work down toward the capital beltway. 270 heavy on the top side. southbound at irving, we have the activity still tieing up the right side of the highway at this point. no incidents to report at 16th at 410 coming southbound. northbound has a stalled car in the right lane. this is live 66 inbound from centerville, no accidents to
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report. the earlier crash at 29 has cleared at the shoulder. traffic slows again leaving 50 toward 123. to the map, this is where we have some problems to report. if you are continuing along -- problem with the map. goldsboro, massachusetts avenue for the accident, follow police activity to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. big story this morning, it was opening day for the virginia general assembly. governor bob mcdonnell delivered his state of the common wealth address. last night he spoke about making college more affordable and spending $4 billion on transportation needs over the next three years without a tax increase. on the job front, governor mcdonnell boasted that since february of last year virginia has added more than 67,000 net new jobs making virginia the
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third highest in the nation. he said the commonwealth ranked 39th for employment. tied for 9th lowest in the country. >> over 280,000 virginiaons are unemployed. this is unacceptable. college tuition has doubled for virginia students over the past decade. it is unconsciousable. parents are stuck in traffic when they should spend appreciate time with children. this is unreasonable. >> governor mcdonnell is calling for another $191 million in budget cuts. and it's also back to work for maryland lawmakers. they are focused on the budget and teacher pension costs. maryland is one of three states in which the government fully funds pensions but the funding is running out. and the debate is heating up as to whether individual counties should help cover the costs. let's talk about more debate. joining us washington post columnist robert mccartney. bob, it's go to see you again.
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>> hi, steve. >> we talked yesterday about the challenges the legislate hour -- the legislative problems. let's turn our attention to the commonwealth last night. he talked about transportation and how that might impact us here in northern virginia and d.c. >> i think it's a big issue for northern virginia. the most interesting issue coming up recently regarding virginia is that mcdonnell wants to borrow $2.9 billion over the next 3 years to get floating bonds, borrowing the money, issuing iou's for the money. and if the general assembly goes along with it, which i think they will in the end, that will provide money to widen i-66 outside of the beltway, help pay for improvements in intersections around ft. belvoir. there is a whole list. the virginia secretary of transportation has a list of
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stuff in northern virginia that would get paid for by that. >> and let's talk about another issue that came up, and that involves the liquor stores in virginia. and let's listen to what the governor had to say about this last night. >> our abc stores are very clean and efficient and managed by great state employees. but i don't believe that selling bourbon and gin is the core function of the government. so i'm proposing a plan to privatize the selling of spirits like we've done for beer and wine for 76 years like 32 other states have done successfully. i believe it will generate $300 million in new one-time money in transportation with no annual loss of general fund revenue. >> the governor is saying he doesn't believe this is a core function of the government to do this. other lawmakers in virginia say this has never been an issue so why bring this up now because the commonwealth could end up losing money if they do this in the long run. so does this have a chance of
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going through? >> i think it has some chance. i think this has become an al bat ross -- albatross around his neck. he was going to raise money for transportation by selling off the state liquor stores. it's not as much money as floating the bonds. but it got a lot of attention. he proposed it last year and it went nowhere. it got bipartisan opposition for different reasons from the democrats and the republicans. now he's scaled it back a lot. he only wants to privatize the stores and not the wholesale and distribution parts of the industry, had ist -- which is a big part of the industry. and it would raise some money if you raise taxes on liquor to offset the revenue the state is getting now, then you get some upfront money but not enough. and mcdonnell needs to get it through because he said he wanted to do it and it's not one of his top priorities.
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and if you talk to his people, it's not one of the top things on their wish list this year. >> and alcohol tax proposed, another big story was the issue of same-sex marriage and whether it may be legalized in maryland. a lot of people spoke on both sides yesterday. >> this is one of the issues coming up in the maryland assembly. because of gains by the democrats in the state senate and because of a reorganization of the key state senate committee, there is a much better chance in the past that the senate would pass same-sex marriage, would approve same- sex marriage. i think we're the only state -- maryland would be the only state south of the mason-dixon line that has approved it. so the house is for it. mcdonnell -- excuse me o'malley has said he would sign it so i
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think it will will through. and then if there is enough signatures to force a referendum next year. supporters of same-sex marriage say it's hard to get the signatures. it's quite a challenging task. so maybe they wouldn't be able to and it would just go through. >> to see if it gets to the people or the legislative level. bob, thank you. you can read bob's metro column in the washington post. and it's 7:21. they'll sell you the whole seat but you probably only need the edge. holly is with nuclear cowboys. it's in baltimore and we'll check in with her coming up. u
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fairfax county set to pay $2 million to the family of a
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man shot and killed by police. the cement reached five years after the death. the s.w.a.t. officer who shot him said his gun accidentally discharged when he was bumped by a car door. prosecutors in federal civil rights investigation cleared the officer but the family lawyer said the officer was not standing next to the car when he fired the shot. now according to the washington post, the trial was supposed to start next week. but the fairfax board of supervisors approved the settlement last night. an angry outburst from the sister of murdered dancer deborah flores navarez. [ inaudible ] >> she was attending a hearing for the victim's ex-boyfriend. jason griffin is accused of strangling her, this is hard to hear, he strangled her, cut off his legs and encased the rest of her body in concrete.
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she was a former redskins ambassador -- cheerleader who went missing. a flood now blamed for the deaths of 14 people, and that brings the number of 25 killed and entire towns are under water and 20,000 homes have been flooded. australia compared it to deal with the after math of a war. and there is a crackdown on the four loko drink. some women were selling them to undercover detects. they paid a 200% markup. the fda required them to pull the product off the shelves last month. and coming up next we're taking a closer look at the wave of violence that marked
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the beginning of 2011 in prince george's county. >> 13 homicides in the first 13 days of the new year. coming up we'll talk with will campos. and first we'll get the latest on the forecast and roads. julie and tony have that for you. we'll check in with both of them next.  blue diamond almonds!
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sky fox over breaking news this morning in frederick, maryland. police asking folks to steer clear of this area around ballinger creek. ballinger creek road has been shut down. there is a police investigation there. we'll have more information for you soon. it is just about 7:30 now and yesterday the drama of the snowfall is kind of over now, right? >> today we're just left with windy conditions, colder temperatures with snow on the ground. yesterday we were in the mid 30s. we think it's the low 30s today. and windy is the main thing this morning. first let's start with the current temperatures around the region. we're in the 20s for the most part all across the area. so it's definitely a cold start. 27 in washington. quantico, virginia, is at 27 degrees. so is leonardtown, maryland. baltimore is at 23 degrees at this hour. martinsberg is 24. and culpeper is at 23 degrees
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right now. now the winds, we've been talking about that. they are gusty winds. sustained at about 6 miles per hour but during the last hour we've had wind gusts at 18 miles per hour, 23 at quantico. and 22 miles per hour in manassas. and that gives us windchills that make it feel quite cold. right now in washington as we go to the windchill's map, it feels like 20 degrees here in the district. feels like 12 in gaithersburg, 13 in baltimore, 19 in quantico. winchester feels like 15 degrees right now. so a very cold start to the day. and i think during the course of the day today we're going to continue -- continue to have the windy conditions. satellite radar, things are quiet as far as any activity with the -- in the atmosphere. no precipitation for us today. there are a few clouds out there but we'll see mostly sunny skies as we're already seeing this morning. this snow remains out to the west and does not move into our area because now we have high pressure in control once again.
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but there are continued snows move ago cross the midwest and upper plains. so the forecast for today looks like this, going to see a lot of sunshine, still cold and high only 30 degrees. our average is 32 degrees. so we remain below normal. for tonight our lows drop down to 21 in town, becoming cloudy and cold overnight but the -- the winds do diminish. tomorrow you could see some passing flurries in the morning and during part of the afternoon. saturday and sunday a little bit of a warm-up. upper 30s to around 40 degrees. same for your holiday on monday for the martin luther king celebrations. that's a look at weather. now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. still busy on the highway. you'll find the lanes are open if you are traveling on the beltway to and from the wilson bridge. but ub -- unfortunately a
7:33 am
accident at tysons you'll find the accident. and again move to the right in order to work your way around that closure. massachusetts avenue at goldsboro still dealing with the water main break. traveling 66 eastbound coming in out of manassas, it's still slow between the two 234 interchanges. delays from 50 to 123 and after nutley street toward the capital beltway. southbound along 270, delays out of gaithersburg leaving mva with a crash on the shoulder. lanes are open on the outer loop but it is slow from 95 to georgia avenue. this is inbound new york avenue past north capital street toward the third street tunnel. heavy getting through the traffic lights leaving northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning, prince george's county police investigating yet another homicide. police say the death of a woman whose body was found in a field in capitol heights six days ago is now classified as a murder. the victim has been identified
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as 51-year-old alisea may jenkins of landover. now this is the 13th homicide in the county since the start of the new year. joining us this morning prince george's county councilman will campos to talk about this rash of violences. good morning. >> good morning. >> 13 murders reported in 13 days and would you like to know your overall impression of this and how you are assuring residents you're on the job. >> sure. it is an unfortunate start of the year. because we are coming off a record low number in violence for prince george's county. and so that is sad because we have reduced violence crimes statistically in the last several years so to begin the year in this fashion, it's unfortunate. and it's frustrating. but we want to make sure that we let the people know this is an unfortunate spike we're seeing and it's at the very beginning of the year. i don't foresee this as the norm or for it to continue but we are making sure we are all hands on deck with the prince
7:35 am
george's county police department and municipal officials to alleviate the situation, and you have been meeting with the interim police chief. can you tell us what he's told you. we're told perhaps drug or gang related. can you tell us what you've heard? >> at last half of them are drug-related so there is a common theme even though they are not related to one another. and that is something we need to focus on as well. there may be some gang issues within that. also what the chief has told us is that -- and definitely want to make sure that we praise them for moving so quickly. is he has moved specific officials, police officials and sheriff and municipal officials and gotten them together to be in communication with one another and put all hands on deck and to specific departments, homicide, narcotics, to make sure they focus for right now on how to
7:36 am
get ahead of the situation. >> how easy is it between jurisdictions to i guess go across county lines to share information to try to attack some of the bigger problems like gang problems or drug problems? >> it's easy -- i will say this, between the district, prince george's county, montgomery county, they do have a good cooperation as far as sharing information is concerned. but what i would like to see, and this is considering what we're seeing now, it would be great to have in the state of maryland something similar to northern virginia. northern virginia, between fairfax county and arlington county has formed a northern virginia regional gang task force which is a full time entity that combats gangs and drugs across jurisdictions. so what they do basically is they have different officials. in maryland, for example, it could be a rockville police partnering with city of beauy and montgomery county working
7:37 am
together that something happens and regardless of jurisdiction they all focus on attack or attack that particular area and get things done. we don't have that here. we have the cooperation and the will, but we don't have the funding just yet and that's something i think we need to look into. it's federal, local and state funds that will get that done but it will work and it's time to get that done here. >> and what can you do to reassure the residents listening and the public officials have said these are not random as far as drug cases go, they are not connected, not random, just a regular citizen going about their law-abiding life, how you can assure the residents there? >> the perception is tough. and any crime, regardless of whether it's related to one another or not, is not ideal. but also want to make sure that everybody understands, this is not the norm.
7:38 am
we are reducing crime. region has seen spikes in crimes in different areas. in d.c. a couple of years ago, we saw something in trinidad, i'm not trying to point fingers but d.c. really handled that well in my opinion. put all hands on deck and they put the resources where they needed to and nobody said do not go into the district because it is unsafe. it's just an unfortunate situation that happened there and it's happening here now. and i want to make sure everybody understands, we are seeing them and it is not the norm and we're focusing on it and so we're try to get this done and fixed but clearly we ask for everybody's patience and it's unfortunate its happening at the beginning of 2011. >> councilman will campos representing prince george's county in maryland. >> thank you. >> you can follow the latest updates on wave of violence in prince george's county on our wave site.
7:39 am
just click on pg homicide on the home page. it is 7:38. chest pain can be frightening but doctors have a new way of diagnosing the heart blockages that may cause the problem. at 8:00 we'll look at a simple test that can be done in your own doctor's office. plus -- >> now this little guy has a mom who is just 18 years old but she's not your typical teenage mom. i'm beth parker and i'll tell you why coming up. o
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perhaps you've heard the talk of the carbon footprint recently. the question is how big is yours. cities can find out thanks to a green house gas monitor. melanie alnwick got a tour which is nearby in germantown. >> reporter: you're watching a city come to life. as people wake, turn on their lights, drive cars and use energy, their carbon emissions grow. >> anything that is colored, yellow and orange and red, is above the global average. >> reporter: it's the first time anyone has been able to
7:43 am
visualize a city's carbon footprint, other than looking at numbers or squiggly lines. it's made possible by earth network, headquarters in georgetown, maryland. bob johnson is the ceo. >> we're going to measure carbon dioxide, one of the green house gases, at a scale that's never been done before. >> reporter: earth networks is in the process of deploying hundreds of these sensors. air is drawn into the machine and separated into carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor. that data is combined with information from earth network's weather bug stations like wind direction and speed to create a carbon forecast taylored to a particular region. >> we can have, for the first time, have a carbon weather forecast. everybody is used to the weather forecast. what is carbon going to look like today? and it won't hurt you as an individual, but it impacts the planet. >> reporter: currently there are just a few key places around the world where green
7:44 am
house gases are actually measured. governments and industries have been estimating their carbon contributions based on assumptions by fossil fuel usage and subtracting what they think is absorbed by trees or crops. marshall said bringing real data down to the local level also helps states and cities see if their green house gas reduction efforts are working. >> with better measurements comes better science. and with the better science, then the policy-makers can take that and make better policy decisions. >> reporter: the los angeles basin is the first to come online. but many more will follow. and perhaps some day a carbon forecast will be in your city's future. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> earth networks justin stalled a sensor on the maryland eastern shore and here is a live look at green house gas emissions from that sensor. you can check that out on perhaps the weather guys can translate this.
7:45 am
>> that's cool. >> yeah. at some point we'll be able to. >> i was tempted to say something. >> not on the spur of the moment. >> please put it in the form of a question. >> from looking at that, i would say it's going to be gassy today. i'm not sure you want that forecast. let's take a look at what is going on out there across the region. i'll stick with temperatures, how about that. right now we are at 27 e remain degrees. it's a cold start to the day. almost everyone out there is in the 20s. 24 at dulles airport. 27 in cambridge, maryland. culpeper, virginia, 26 degrees -- 23, i'm sorry. and 23 in baltimore. let's pull out and show you the big picture. 10 degrees in binghamton, new york. columbia, ohio at 14 degrees. detroit is 19. here is a look at future-cast. we don't expect much to happen in the atmosphere as far as any precipitation for us. we'll see some clouds develop tonight and start to push through the area. you see those clouds.
7:46 am
but any precipitation that is out there remains off to the north and west. might you see a flurry tomorrow? it's possible. but it won't amount to anything, it won't be anything significant. five-day forecast, high today 33. breezy tomorrow, 34. less windy tomorrow. saturday and sunday high around 40 degrees. you'll feel the difference. and on monday for martin luther king holiday, 39 for the high with a lot of clouds around. that's the forecast. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, tony. let's check in with julie and look at traffic. it's 7:46. >> usual delays out of maryland into virginia by way of the wilson bridge, the problem is an accident at the point where the lanes combine at telegraph. only one lane to the right is able to get through. but this is the delay. for you document coming in -- coming in out of oxon hill, heavy. only the right lane able to get by toward the springfield interchange. outer loop of the beltway, all of your lanes are open.
7:47 am
new on the other side of town, you'll find 66 still congest add poaching 29 centreville. accident off to the road to the shoulder. this is a live stretch of 66 to fair oaks. no problems inbound toward the capitol hill. inner loop at braddock, crash on the shoulder. delays out of merrifield. and still a struggle leaving mva and more struggle leaving montrose to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our facebook fan of the day is rachel sands. she has a dream it was sunny and 85 and woke up to find snow and fox 5. clever, right? well if you want to be taupe's -- want to be the fox 5 fan of the day, go to facebook and post a comment under rachel. and she is lovely. and if you hear about
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cowboys, they get airborne. >> and holly is live with this high-flying show. >> reporter: be ready to be amazed. we're live at first mariner arena in baltimore where the nuclear cowboyz have flown into town. if you think you've seen motocross, this is it. how to come and be part of the motorcycle chaos, all free style action, coming up next. stay with us. ea
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7:51 now. the high octane motocross tour nuclear cowboys in baltimore this weekend. >> holly is at the first mariner arena today to preview the big show.
7:52 am
holly, good morning. >> reporter: steve, practice with me. it's not cowboys it's cowboyx with a z. and our cowboys are dustin and derek getting in early morning practice as they gear up for this high octane show. and colton moore coming up here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: so tell me about this show. this is unlike anything i've ever seen. >> this is the best show in the nation for sure. biggest with the best riders. >> reporter: this is like the x games on steroids. >> it is. i competed in winter x and being here is just like it. >> reporter: do you think you can give me a ride down to the bottom here. but i'm putting my helmet on because i don't want any kid at home to say holly didn't put her helmet on. so here we go. so as i put this on, colton, tell me about how you got started? >> i started riding as a family thing. started racing and i got invited to an amateur contest.
7:53 am
i did good at free style and i love it. so i just wanted to make it my living and now here i am doing shows and competing everywhere. >> so this is more than just -- i know i look great in this helmet, but more than just tricks, right? there is an actual story line going on here?>> there is. it's a battle between three different teams and we battle, get to battle and then we become friends and become one whole team. >> reporter: and you're battling three different teams because you're riding on three different types of vehicles right? >> yes. there is bikes, trials and quads. >> reporter: and explain the difference between two the? >> the trials are a smaller bike that can jump around and bunny hop everywhere. and then the free style motocross guys on their bikes. >> reporter: and how much input did you have in putting this show together? >> we got to put all of the
7:54 am
tricks we want to do and how we want to go through our runs and they let us do what we want. >> reporter: at this point do you still have to practice a lot? >> definitely. it's important to practice all of the time to make sure we're not going to get hurt. >> reporter: and how often do you get hurt, just as a concerned person? >> i've been hurt a lot. but this year i'm doing good. not to jinx myself now. but there is a lot of injuries in this sport. >> reporter: do you think that things like the x games, which has been around for a long time, but this next level and show like this makes the sport even more popular. it seems like it's grown pretty quickly. but more and more it seems like young people are getting into it. >> it's great. we get to travel the nation and do shows and introduce the sport to everyone and younger people and they say it and tell their parents i want to ride and it gets more people into it and helps the sport grow. >> reporter: so you ride the quad. do you also do the motocross and the trails too. >> i ride the quad. i have a dirt bike and i'm
7:55 am
trying to do it and i also ride snowmobiles. >> reporter: do you guys often challenge each other? >> definitely. we're always competing against each other even if it's not a competition. >> reporter: did i read that you started at like 3? >> no. actually i didn't start until i was 12. >> reporter: oh, you were a late starter. so obviously you're a natural. what kind of skills do you need to have in order to master something like this? >> it helps to be able to pick up stuff quick and balance and hang it out there. >> reporter: is this your first time in baltimore? >> it is. >> reporter: what do you think? >> it's good so far. >> reporter: and in fact it's the first time the show has been here at the first mariner arena. this is in the second tour which means the first tour was off the charts and so they're back for me. but they only pick 12 cities a year and they happened to pick one in our area this year. so nuclear cowboys going on at
7:56 am
the first mariner arena in baltimore on friday and saturday. you can get tickets as cheap as $20 and kids only $10. before 8:00 in the morning, doing a back flip on your motorcycle, what else is 'll fi hour. back to you. >> i love that. >> unbelievable. >> i love watching those guys. it's like a kid's dream come true for me. i didn't start at 3 or 12 or whatever it was. >> just be careful, guys. 7:56 right now. is there a brighter feature for the next generation? is there is a symposium in town. >> cornell west is one of the leaders in town for it and he'll join us next hour. and chris wallace is with us today on a thursday along with his wife lorraine who has a new cook book out called mr. sunday's soups and it's not just full of recipes but tells the story of wallace family traditions. so we'll chat with the wallaces
7:57 am
and take a look at their favorite recipes coming up after 8:00 as well. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a new blood test may help predict your risk of having a heart attack. we'll look at that ahead this hour as well. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and up first, we do want to mention that all allegany county public schools are on a two-hour delay today. that's allegany county. >> and that's the only delay that we have so far this morning. guessing it has to do with the ice conditions out there. >> they have more snow out to the west as well. several inches more in some locations certainly than we had yesterday. so probably still dealing with
8:01 am
some of that. for us, it's a cold start to the day and windy. let's start by showing you the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport where it is 27 degrees. relative humidity is only 46%. now your sustained winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour but they're gusting up to about 18 miles per hour. it gives us a windchill of around 20 degrees so definitely a cold start to the day. as far as sky conditions go, not bad. a good amount of sunshine this morning. sun came up 34 minutes ago. and so it's a nice start to the day and we'll see plenty of sunshine throughout the course of the day. we don't expect any precipitation. you can see there is snow falling across portions of the midwest, the great lakes and northeast. the forecast for us for today, a simple one, mostly sunny skies and windy. winds could gust up to 20-25, 30 miles per hour. high temperatures today only in the low to mid 30s. 1-in frederick, 33 in washington. 35 in fredericksberg. i'll have more details on the
8:02 am
forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's check with the roads with julie wright. >> trouble on the beltway inner loop trying to work across the wilson bridge and head over toward the accident scene that we had at telegraph road. as a result you'll find big delays leaving oxon hill across the wilson bridge and toward telegraph road. and the accident is at a point just before the lanes combine that has traffic squeezing by to the right and that's why it's slow out of oxon hill leaving 210 across the bridge working back into virginia. also in virginia, you'll find the drive along 66 not so bad right now. we have the lanes open as you continue to work in from manassas headed towards center vel. earlier accident gone. southbound 270, late to clear out leaving montgomery village avenue toward 28. slow traffic again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we continue to follow
8:03 am
breaking news out of frederick, maryland, for you this morning. a police investigation under way at ballinger creek pike and mountville road. this is a look there offered from sky fox a while ago. ofishs are asking that you avoid that area. ballinger creek pike is shut down between mountville and dobbs road. we're waiting for more information on authorities and bring you an update as soon as we know more. now to the latest on the tragedy in tucson. family and friends will remember the life of 9-year-old christina taylor green today. a funeral planned for this afternoon. she of course one of six people who were killed in the mass shooting in arizona. last night at the memorial service president barack obama spoke of her idealistic view of
8:04 am
american democracy. the president brought a message of home. the crowd came to their feet after president obama said she opened her eyes for the first time. and he asked americans to become better people. >> they believed and i believe that we can be better. those who died here, those who saved lives here, they help me believe. we may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but i know that how we treat one another, that's entirely up to us. >> the president also offered personal accounts of every person who died that day. and honored those who rushed in to save lives. a local doctor meantime making his way back to virginia after helping congresswoman gifford. he is the chair of the sciences department at inova fairfax. the congresswoman opened her
8:05 am
eyes and scratching her nose and move her arms. but the doctor said the extent of the injury is still unknown. >> it's going to depend on what portions of the brain are injured, as to what function or deficits they will have or whether it's even survivable at all. >> the good news is the doctor said the bullet missed the critical area of her brain responsible for speech and motor skills. the suspect in the grizzly murder of a redskins ambassador cheerleader turned las vegas dancer goes before a judge. but at the hearing the victim's sister became unglued. ainsley earhart has more. [ yelling ] >> reporter: an emotional outburst from the sister of a murder victim as 32-year-old jason griffith is arraigned in the killing of a las vegas dancer, his former girlfriend. >> i wasn't expecting to see my sister's killer. >> reporter: debbie flores
8:06 am
navarez was reported missing on december 14th. at rest report shows flores navarez and griffith got into a heated argument at home and he strangled her. griffith dismembered her, put the body in tubs of concrete and left the evidence inside this abandoned home. >> for the last year and a halfs there been no movement in this house whatsoever and then all of a sudden at 4:30 in the morning there is csi out front. >> reporter: police say griffith's roommate helped dispose of her body but he gave up griffith in exchange for immunity. >> and the information that we have now is that he did not participate in the murder but instead assisted after the fact. >> reporter: the victim's sister said she didn't mean to disrespect the judge. she's instead unprepared for the tough days ahead and final goodbye to her sister. >> i was filled with complete anger and enrage and just saddened and hurt. >> reporter: debbie flores
8:07 am
navarez is expected to be buried in her native puerto rico. griffith is ordered to return to court in february. he could face the death penalty if convicted. ainsley earhart, fox news. here at home, prince george's county police investigating another homicide. police say the death of a woman whose body was found in a field six days ago is classified as a murder. the victim is 51-year-old alisea may jenkins of -- land over. will campos joined us in studio this morning to discuss the rash of violence. >> that is really sad because we have reduced violent crimes in the last several years so to begin the year in this fashion, it's unfortunate and it's frustrating. but definitely want to make sure that we let people know this is an unfortunate spike that we're seeing and it happens to be at the very beginning of the year. i don't foresee this as the form or for it to continue but
8:08 am
we're definitely making sure that we are all hands on deck. >> late tuesday police say a homeowner shot and killed a man trying to break into his new carrollton home. earlier that very day 22-year- old university of maryland student justin overcash was shot to death during an apparent drug deal in college park. 7 minutes past the hour on this thursday morning. on a medical front, instead of a angiogram, a new blood test might help predict your risk of having a heart attack. >> a closer look when we come back. now this little guy has a mom that is just 18 but she's not your typical teenage mom. i'm beth parker and i'll tell you why coming up. and also getting another look at this cold forecast out there. as you take a look at tower cam over northwest d.c. stay with us. tony has that for us as fox 5 morning news continues on this thursday morning. 
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8:11 am
it is now 8:11.
8:12 am
a dedicated community activist has passed away. william lock ridge worked on the board of education and spent 25 years in service of ward 7 and 8. mayor vince gray said he will be missed. he died yesterday from respiratory failure and weigh 61 years old. the death toll now 25, and dozens more still missing. in brisbane nearly 12,000 homes are completely covered by floodwater. one official compared it to the after math of a war. it is snow clean-up in the northeast. the governor of massachusetts getting ready to lift the state of emergency. the state got more than a foot of snow n. connecticut people are dealing with more than two feet. airports up and down the east coast forced to cancel flights and power outages still a problem. and we know from experience that can be a major pain.
8:13 am
so good luck to those guys. it's 8:12 and let's look at mr. perkins with our forecast. and we're going to warm things up. >> it is. it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> she's mad about it. >> this is zoey. not in a good mood. her family called this her -- what you talking about face. she didn't want to eat any more apple sauce. >> and that's her prerogative. still so cute even with that mad face. >> she's very cute. zoey, she's adorable. we hope she's smiling this morning. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at temperatures across the region. well it says 27 degrees and we've gone up to 28 degrees. now we just went up to 28. 24 at dulles airport. 23 in baltimore.
8:14 am
fredericksberg is reading 28 and hagerstown coming in at 21 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar for the region. actually it's just radar, showing you no precipitation in the area. we expect to remain dry today. could see a couple of flurries tomorrow but just a couple of passing flurries, nothing of any significance. your forecast for today and the next several days. today's high only about 33 degrees. it will be cold, it will be breezy as well. winds could gust up to 20-30 miles per hour during the course of the day today. right now our windchill is 20 f tomorrow 34 degrees. over the weekend, high around 40. and then for your martin luther king monday, high of about 39 degrees with plenty of clouds. i think our next real precipitation is probably not until tuesday and it will be or should be rain at this point. that's a look at the weather. now it's time to find out what is happening on the roads and for that we want to go to julie wright. >> i want you it know that's the same face i make every time i say, tony, are you going to take me to lunch and you go nope. >> there it is. >> i love that face.
8:15 am
>> we'll have to do something about that. she's adorable. >> give that girl some taper tots, forget about the apple sauce. and in a backup across oxon hill and the wilson bridge. the problem is at telegraph. only right lane getting through. that's why it's congested leaving 210 into virginia. on the outer loop, lanes are open. southbound 270 clearing out nicely. gaithersburg leaving mva toward the split, to problems to report right now on the outer loop leaving 95 to georgia. southbound 95 at 212 an incident in the right lane. 66 below speed leaving nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. if you've ever suffered from chest pain you know how frightening it can be. doctors now have a new way of diagnosing the heart blockages that might be causing the problem. it's a simple blood test done in your doctor's office. won't that make things easier.
8:16 am
let's learn about it from beth galvin who joins us from atlanta. so many people deal with heart problems, how might this help? >> the good news is you don't want to ignore chest pain, the symptoms of chest pain. but a lot of people are unnerved -- >> it's like a bomb inside of you still ticking down. >> reporter: doctors recommend a cardiac catherrization. running a thin tube into the heart to look for obstruction. but now there may be a new way to diagnose a blockage. >> this is just a blood test. you can get it in the office. >> reporter: cardiologists say the test screens the blood of patients experiencing chest pain. looking at the activity levels of 23 genes. >> you come in and the blood test is positive then we go to
8:17 am
the next level. >> reporter: it involves collecting two vials of blood. >> people get older and they get antsy about wanting to do that stuff. but if you tell them all they have to do is a blood test, they're glad to do that. so i think it will save a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: once your blood is collected it's shipped off to a laboratory and it takes 24-48 hours to get results. in tom chromier's case said the test showed he's at increased risk of a heart blockage and now he know it's. >> so now we're monitoring it. we know it's there and we're monitoring it. >> and the test costs about $1,200. the doctor said some insurance companies are beginning to cover it so check with yours. steve? >> how accurate is it and is anybody eligible for it, or are there restrictions?
8:18 am
>> reporter: well in the earlier clinical trial it's had an 83% accuracy rate. right now it's just being used for people experiencing chest pains or other symptoms. it's not being used on healthy people with no symptoms. steve. >> something to keep in mind. beth galvin, thank you so much. most teen-agers don't plan to get pregnant but a local family's medical history forced an 18-year-old virginia girl made a tough decision to have kids right away. beth parker explains this. >> reporter: brandon wyatt, jr., is the first baby of the new year in warren county, virginia. apanda is his mom. >> it's the best feeling in the world. i've never -- i never ever thought i would have a feeling like that ever. as soon as i seen him, i just broke down in tears. it was so exciting. >> reporter: but her mother april was not as excited to learn of the pregnancy. >> she still hadn't graduated high school and she's 17 and he's 16. i don't think -- i would won't
8:19 am
think under normal -- i wouldn't think under normal circumstances this would happen. >> reporter: amanda's mom was stunned to learn she had cervical cancer. >> there's never a good way to put it. >> reporter: she was in her early 30s. now years later amanda has tested positive for hpv, the virus that can cause cancer. >> the doctors told me because of my hpv i would have complications when i got older and they would probably have to take my cervix out. >> reporter: so she and her boyfriend made a conscious decision not long before she graduated for high school. >> in a way i'm ready, but in a way i'm not ready. >> reporter: her sister has a different view? >> it's disgusting. >> she's a grandma now so she can't be mad. >> reporter: but she can still be worried. >> jobs and where will they live? >> i did not think it would be this hard. >> reporter: the hardest part
8:20 am
she said is getting up during the night. now back when amanda was in the first grade she decided that one day she would become a nurse. she realizes that dream now has to be put on hold, but after spending time here at the hospital for the baby's delivery she said she's appreciating nurses more than ever. >> they helped me so much when i was there. they would let me sleep and they were my heroes, that's for sure. >> reporter: amanda said she's grown up a lot but has no regrets. >> i would never regret him. he's perfect. he's my baby. i love him. >> reporter: in front royal, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> 20 minutes past the hour now on thursday morning. now if you mentioned bed bugs, you start to get creeped out. >> a little bit. >> creepy and crawly. and today you can find out how to keep them out of your home. good news coming up next, perhaps. and then it's the highly -- only high octane fueled theatrical free style motocross
8:21 am
production and it's in baltimore and holly is there giving us a preview in the next hour -- half hour. stay with us. 
8:22 am
8:23 am
banks repossessed one
8:24 am
million homes from borrowers in 2010 and this year will likely be worse. that's according to realty trac. the firm found a record high of 2.9 million homes received a foreclosure filing last year. that is up almost 2% from 2009. now we should mention in december foreclosure filings dropped as banks reviewed their foreclosure practices. americans are worried about bed bugs. we know that. so far about 1 out of every 5 people has either encountered the blood suckers or knows somebody who has. they are most concerned by hotel industry or picking them up. so today the d.c. department of health is hosting a bed bug summit to learn more about prevention and radfication. we'll put the information online. it's hard to remember right now. it's at and click on web links.
8:25 am
>> you had to say blood suckers. >> anything you can do to get rid of them. 8:24 now. is there a brighter future for the next generation in we hope so and so do others. there is a symposium in town today asking that question. >> dr. cornell west is one of the leaders in town for it today and he'll join us live in studio in the next half hour. and tucker is back with a look at our chilly forecast. stay with us. it's 8:24. we'll be right back after the break. d
8:26 am
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we have an update on breaking news. several people shot in frederick, maryland. there is a police investigation under way along ballinger creek pike and sarah simmons joins us live. >> reporter: we are further north on ballinger creek road. we are just getting updates from corporal jennifer bailey with the frederick county
8:29 am
sheriff's department saying we know of two people shot but there is total of five people transported to baltimore shock trauma. let's talk with her live to get the latest. you said there was a call that came in from 911 just before 5:00 this morning and your deputies heard something very disturbing? >> yes. gunshots. but let me clarify. we have three victims, two with gunshots, three transported to baltimore shock trauma and we have one who is deceased here, close proximity to the scene. this morning we got a 911 call to our deputies, they responded to that. when they arrived they heard gunshots and saw a red vehicle leaving the scene. our deputies attempted to make a traffic stop and it continued a short pursuit. low speeds at 25-30 miles per hour. the vehicle crashed on ballinger creek pike and the driver was unresponsive to commands to exit the vehicle. as a result of that our special services team responded and
8:30 am
they are the ones who approached the vehicle. it is clear there is a deceased person inside the vehicle. a male. it is unknown if he died as a result of injuries from the crash or a self-inflicted gunshot. at this point, again we've had three adult victims transported to baltimore shock trauma. we have investigators on the scene. we're not releasing names at this time but can i tell you we do believe it to be domestic- related and all of the persons involved, members of the same household. >> and you are telling us that at this point it looks like we're dealing with the possible shooter that was in that red vehicle? >> that's certainly a possibility. i don't want to confirm that until our investigators have an opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation. but preliminarily, that's what it's looking like. >> reporter: so a total of three people taken to baltimore shock trauma, possibly two with gunshot wounds that we're
8:31 am
looking at right now. >> that's correct. >> reporter: thank you. corporal bailey, thank you. we'll bring you the latest as we get it here. looking at forecast, a little sunshine. >> it will be blustery and cold. so even with the sun, high temperatures only in the low 30s. we won't melt off the snow for a few more days. >> it's still pretty. >> it's gorgeous. a beautiful morning. let's start with a look at current conditions. and at reagan national, that's chilly. 28 degrees right now in downtown washington. 27 in leonardtown. 25 in martinsberg and 22 in hagerstown. again, cold start to the day. mix in these temperatures with the winds and they are gusting at 15-20 and it feels like single-digits and low teens in many places. current winds out of the north and west at 18. 24 in quantico, 23 in manassas. so just like yesterday we'll have a bit of a breeze during
8:32 am
the course of the day today and that will help hold the real temperature of what it feels like on your skin back in the 20s. so bring along a winter jacket. and we have lake effect snow off to the north and west. that will stay to the west today. some of the clouds will stream in here so it won't be a perfectly sun day -- sunny day but mostly sunny. our flow continues to be out of the north and west. this area of low pressure is going to pass to the north overnight and tomorrow and give us cloudiness and maybe, maybe a couple of flurries -- in the forecast tomorrow. should be beautiful out there. breezy and cold. 33 the daytime high. winds gusting to about 35 miles per hour. clouds move in tonight and again maybe a couple of flurries overnight. cold as well, 21 the overnight low. a lot of teens tomorrow morning so we'll refreeze during the morning tomorrow. and there you go, you can see the trend into the weekend. high temperatures, get ready for a heat wave, all the way to 40 degrees by sunday.
8:33 am
and then for the holiday on monday, a lot of clouds with highs in the upper 30s. that's a look at the weather forecast. we'll give you an update in a couple of minutes. allison, over to you. a forum is being held this evening about restoring america's greatness and you are invited to attend. we found out more from one of the participants, renouned professor and co host of the smiley and west radio program dr. cornell west in studio with us. good morning. >> it is a blessing to be here. indeed, the 100th anniversary. >> almost. 98 years. 1913, the big 100 years. >> and the forum we're having today deals on the legacy of the delta we should never forget. it was about courage and not greed. she was about compassion and not indifference to the poor and working people and that's what we're talking about today.
8:34 am
america -- if america is to move into the next chapter, we've got to focus on poor people, working people. i thought the president was magnificent talking about christina last night. he's magnificent when he talks about the american family. he, himself, is a magnificent father, but for every one of them there is a juanita on the corner or juan or jamal. all of our children are precious. we have to have a sensitivity to them and so many are being crushed, psychologically, materially, physically. >> and the thrust of this impose yum is how to move this generation into the next step. and these issues -- and you talked the whole time about these disparities and now so many of us are in the same boat together. we're talking about foreclosure rate, joblessness so at tension is on this. how can we look to get the next
8:35 am
generation on a better track? >> we have to be honest about ourselves. we still live in a state of denial. we don't want to come to terms with the truth. we live in a world of make believe and a house of cards. we have to respect each other. and all of this talk about civility, it is not the same at centralism or moderation. there is a not of audacity at the center. the truth is beneath. when you talk about the truth about yourself. you have to dig deep beneath the lies you tell about yourself. in america we have to deal with the truth about ourselves, not just the civility in the center. we have to have genuine respect for each other. but dorothy irene hyde was an extremist for love. she was a militant for fairness. as martin king too and curtis mayfield. >> are there tangible programs and iniatives and how do we get
8:36 am
kids excited, young people on board to know that you don't have to hang out on whatever respective corner you are hanging out on with kids that aren't doing anything? how do you pluck that one, two, three person off the street to get them to be leaders in their generation? >> i think the young people would rather see sermons than hear them. we want them to know we love and care for them. we become an example by reaching out to them and connecting with them and saying we want you to be the best you can be based on greatness. and we've given our young people models of success, which is material prosperity, celebrity status and so forth. that's empty in the end. greatness has to do -- and i'm a christian so it has to do with the quality of service to others and the least of these. our young folk are hungy for greatness but they don't see it enough among the older
8:37 am
generation. they see hedonism -- heedonnism. and we're talking about integrity, dignity. >> that's what we're talking about. >> i'm almost afraid to ask this question last but i can't leave you without this. wb divorce said the problem with the 20th century is the problem with the color line. how much does this deal with moving forward dealing with the racial disparity. >> there is no doubt. and sexism and homophobia is too. it can be wealth or quality and arrogance in terms of having an empire and treating other nations as they ought to be subordinate with us. and it seems we should be concerned about any ways in which human beings are being dehumanized and their dignity is calling into question. and that's the best of the black freedom movement. it's not just there.
8:38 am
it starts in chocolate and spilled over to yellow or brown. and it's rooted from once we come. deltas, capitals, whatever it is. nothing wrong with loving your momma and daddy but out of that you can love your brown and yesterday and yellow brothers and sisters. >> and dr. cornell west, it's always a pleasure talking to you. being in your presence, you feel smarter and uplifted so i appreciate you coming in. let me give the information on the symposium. it is tonight, thursday january 13th, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at george washington university. it's free to the public. doors open at 4:30, on a first come first serve basis so get there closer to the 4:30 time to see dr. west and others. all of the information is on our website. many other distinguished thinkers in town for this so i urge you to go to the website and check it out. steve, over to you. >> thank you you. 8:38 on this thursday morning. the weekly jobless claims numbers are being released.
8:39 am
right now we'll share them when we come back after the break. stay with us. from the 80's, looker.
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hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount has given us money to reinvest back into our business and help quadruple our floor space. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. just into fox 5, bad news about the economy now. more people applied for unemployment benefits last week pushing it to the highest level in the last two months. the economists think the spike
8:42 am
is due to retailers getting rid of temporary holiday employees. if you are one of the millions of americans looking for work, check out our job shop daily. we profile one job of the day every day but there are many more in the job shop. today's job of the day is at domino's pizza in dale city looking for an assistant manager. benefits are included, including medical and dental insurance and a 401k program. for more on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab right at the top of the home page. 8:42 now on this thursday morning. on a cold day like today there's nothing better than a hot cup of soup. >> and i know you love soup. >> i am a soup lover. >> and there is a a new cook book out by lorraine wallace. and she's also the wife of fox news sunday host chris wallace and they are both live in the studios, cooking up some soup and just chatting next door. we'll join them when we come
8:43 am
back. >> reporter: and you might be talking about hot tea but i'm talking about the hottest show in town. it's called nuclear cowboyz. and it's going on at the first mariner arena in baltimore where we are live. it is high octane, high-energy, high-risk and something you and your family don't want to miss. we'll talk about it live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. a
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8:46 am
it's 8:45 right now. this is right up my alley. growing up a kid in the country, we like dirt and sports action. and you can see it in the city this weekend. some of the greatest freestyle motocross riders friday and saturday. >> and holly is there to learn more about the nuclear cowboyz. >> reporter: i was just talking to a rider and he said this is like moto in your face. you are not going to see any other show like this. and it really is a lot of fun. it is fast and furious. but i can't figure out how they do it. they are amazing at what they do and you'll see all different
8:47 am
kinds here. in the last hour we were doing freestyle motocross and had the quads out. these are called trails and these guys are the shadow warriors. i'll try to get one of their attentions. poor cop car taking a beating. but right now i have jeff with me. good morning to you, jeff. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: i'm very well. tell me about this bike you are riding? >> they are called trial bikes and they're made for out door competitions, like rocks, logs, water falls or anything crazy that would be difficult terrain. >> reporter: this is a bike meant to climb. >> it's like the ultimate mountain bike. >> reporter: there is no seat. >> you have the best control when you sand and the bikes are light and low and small as possible. >> reporter: and you know what is amazing, you are talking light and low and small as possible and you are not. you are very tall. so counterbalancing that has to be -- >> i work with what i have. i've done this a lot of years. but i'm a little bit tall for my sport. but i work with it. >> reporter: not holding you
8:48 am
back, i don't think. you're in one of the most awesome shows around. >> this is great. >> reporter: and you said this is amazing because there is so much going onch even though this morning we're just showing a couple of things at a time. >> stuff on fire, dancing, there is different types of athletes that are basically exposing their sport to the public and it's just a cool show to be part of it and it's all bundled into a tight package. >> reporter: well let's see if we can get jeff to come over here and you can show off some of your tricks -- or keith rather. keith, how is it going this morning? this is early riding. >> it is. i'm from colorado so this is early. >> reporter: when did you start riding? >> like first start riding, 5 years old. >> reporter: and you're what, 12 now? >> a couple of years older. i'm 24. >> reporter: so you've been doing this for sometime. and you still get a rush out of it? >> oh, i love it. i've ridden motocross and it's fun but this sport is still
8:49 am
crazy and scary but it's safe. we don't have the speed like motocross. so that helps out. >> reporter: what is the biggest challenge? >> probably technique. have the clutch and throttle control and brake control. it's slow but timing is everything. >> reporter: it seems like people might be less familiar with the trials than like the freestyle motocross. so this is a good way to get it out. >> it is. it's been around a long time but it's never blown up like motocross and because i think it's a tough sport. people try it and get discouraged but i think people like watching it. >> reporter: and did you think there would be a show like this that would encapsulate this mania and get it out there to the public? >> no. this is like a dream to be on this tour with these guys. i've grown up watching them. >> reporter: and now you're one of the guys. >> i'm here. >> reporter: and i'm going to lay on the ground and i have built up my trust with my two best friends and i'll see if --
8:50 am
what do i keep in mind here? >> just don't move. don't move. just lay down. >> reporter: they don't know how hard that is. i'm going to lay down and i'm not going to move. and as i do this, i'm pausing because i would say it was for dramatic effect but i think i was saying a prayer there. i'm going to tell you that nuclear cowboyz is at the 1st mariner arena in baltimore. it is friday night, it is saturday night. show time is 7:30 both nights. you can get tickets as cheap as $20. you do need to get them in advance. they go up $2 on the day of the show. and there they go. i guess they felt comfortable. i'm not sure how i'm feeling. actually i'm feeling good. and kids ticket are as low as $10. but there is more. we're going to tell you another element of the show coming up in the 9:00 hour. back to you, allison and steve.
8:51 am
i'm going to tack a little nap here. >> holly, thank you. we're going to the extremes to something more of a comfort type situation, if you are home in the cold weather. and soup is the perfect comfort food at the end of a long or cold day. so we have plenty of recipes to choose from in the cook book called mr. sunday's soup. and chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday and you're here today on thursday. become to both of you. >> thank you. >> so you put the work into the book and let's talk about the soup thing and the mr. sunday tie in. and is this because of chris and we see him on sunday afternoon? >> he would come in tired and hungry from doing his show and hur teenage son would roll out of bed and this is my introduction to get together for a nap with a dog and newspaper and my son and i go out to baseball games. >> how nice is it to come to a hot pot of soup on the stove?
8:52 am
>> it is the best. i get up at 5:00. and i know you get up early as well and i've interviewed a big official and i'm tired and hungry and lorraine has this organic homemade soup and local and we get the family together and the dog, winston has his own soup sunday, and we chow down. i go upstairs, soup makes you sleepy, i read the paper and take a nap. >> and if we are watching you on sunday morning and see you in a pickle, we know you have something waiting for you. >> things are getting better. >> and let's talk about the recipes. you also share family stores and traditions as well. >> well there is a soup for every season and every mood and every occasion. and here you have a family wellness soup which is chicken and vegetables in a nice stock which is very nourishing and good when you don't feel well. and it should get your family back to good health. so why don't you try that. >> i'll take a taste of this. and while i do that, why don't you tell us what you have in
8:53 am
front of you. because when you talk about different seasons or moods, what do we have here? >> this is occasion and superbowl is coming up and a lot of people don't like beans or onions in their chili so we came up with a buffalo chili in a spicy broth with two cheese, either blue cheese or cheddar cheese and you serve carrot sticks for dipping as well as using your spoon. >> first of all, it is delicious. it is very good. chris, this is perfect. i don't have to remind you that the playoffs are this weekend and you said this reminds you of football. just reeks of football here. >> sit down with a tray table and put it in front of the big wide screen tv and chow down on lorraine's buffalo turkey chili and life doesn't get better except redskins aren't in the playoffs. that would be the capper. >> maybe next year. you never know. give it a few years.
8:54 am
and we have something cooking here. this is something different. >> this is very different. it's a soup-salad. which you wouldn't think of putting soup and salad together but they're my favorite so i do. this is a baby arugola in the bowl and you take a little bit of the vegetable soup, which is calle flower -- cal flour and you garnish it with parsley and we garnish it with parsley and lemon zest and there you have a salad soup. >> and you have the presentation down as well. which anybody in the restaurant or food business will tell you is half of the battle there. i have to ask both of you, do you have a favorite? , i think two. one is this family wellness. because you are worn down and runned down, i come home and i say i feel like i'm getting a cold or something, lorraine
8:55 am
serves me the family wellness soup and it's better than medicine. and then she does a hearty lentil, great on a day like today. >> do you have a favorite? >> i think all of them are my favorite. and all of them have a story in our family. and they bring our family together. and i'm hoping that other people can start a tradition of soup too for their families. >> i think it's terrific. if you want more information and you would like to pick up a copy of the book, go to lorraine's website which is mrs. and we'll link it to and i checked and it's on sale right now. so that's a bigger incentive to pick it up. i'm going to keep tasting this. it's a pleasure to see you. chris, we'll talk to you tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow morning. >> thank you. best wishes for the book. we'll put more on the website at we'll send it back to allison and take a short break here on fox 5 morning news.
8:56 am
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a minute before 9:00. so that does it for this hour. we have one more hour to go, so to take us up to 10:00 we're turning things over to tony and allison. >> thank you, steve. here are a look at stories for the next hour. promising news out of tragedy. an update on the condition of congresswoman gabby giffords. plus inspiring words from the commander-in-chief during a memorial service held for those killed during the saturday deadly shooting. plus outrage parents vent frustrations about a d.c. middle school and why they are so upset and what they hope to accomplish. and the queen of soul updates her own condition from that surgery that she had a few weeks ago. what she told wendy williams about her health. >> it sounds like good news. i hope it is. didn't get a lot of details from her, but i hope it is. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. we want to find out what is going on with the weather. tucker


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